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Cloud Apps Worldwide

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Cloud Apps Worldwide


CloudApps is the next-generation application purchasing and licensing management platform for business. CloudApps connects businesses with the applications they want while eliminating licensing management and application upgrades. With CloudApps the application purchasing process is automated from per user or per business purchasing, to application approval work flow, delivered on one bill.      

RapidScale's CloudApps offers advanced computing power in the cloud.

Cloud Apps Worldwide

Who wouldn't want a business solution that's limitless, affordable and secure? That's the best of all worlds, bundled into one! With cloud computing applications, businesses can transform how their business is run. Applications are accessed through the Internet, therefore no longer chained to individual pieces of hardware. And today, as the cloud grows to be more and more common, the cloud application options are endless. Their functions can include data storage and backup, document management, scheduling, marketing programs, and so much more. This is all available through the cloud.

Today, mobility is extremely important. People need to access their business data all the time, even when they are on the go. With cloud apps, this is possible. Users can use the computing device of their choice, including laptops, tablets and smartphones, to access their business apps. As long as they have an Internet connection and their authorized credentials, they have unlimited access to the cloud data and programs. This makes it extremely easy to work from any location, at any time. Via the cloud, applications are available to users anywhere, which is extremely convenient and accommodates the varying schedules of employees.

Cloud apps can also significantly decrease a business' costs. Regarding hardware costs, cloud applications can take care of speed and storage needs without the business handling it. You don't have to purchase extremely pricey hardware anymore just to implement your necessary applications. Instead, you purchase these apps through the cloud and get immediate access and upgrades whenever they're available. Additionally, you don't have to deal with space in your infrastructure or continuous licensing costs.

Additionally, the cloud apps provider is responsible for purchasing, installing and monitoring the applications and the infrastructure necessary to power them. You simply don't see any of this happening, which allows you to focus on business-essential tasks. Instead of purchasing the software and its licenses for all of your employees, you go through the provider to gain company-wide access to your apps in a matter of hours, rather than waiting days or weeks. This quick implementation and simplified application process will save a lot of money and time. And if you decide that a certain application isn't working for you anymore, it's easy to just cancel your subscription and find another. You'll always see services and costs that reflect your needs.

Our RapidScale team can help businesses develop and design the perfect business application roadmap, covering all your bases. We acknowledge that every single business operates differently, so we don't throw you a one-size-fits-all solution. We work with you to define your needs and goals so we can establish a solution that will work for you long term.

When you work with RapidScale and our cloud application services, you will always be confident that you'll have a helping hand. We want to help you improve the way you do business, so we can be there every step of the way. Wouldn't you love using new technology that is quickly transforming the world of business? It's a simple transition. For more information on our cloud apps services or the cloud in general, please contact us today!

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